Fishkol Pure Collagen Contributes To Weight Loss & Weight Management

Fishkol pure collagen can be used as a healthy long-term remedy and sensible way to lose weight and / or maintain a desirable weight.

As we age, our bodies tend to lose their muscle tissue and gain more fat.  This is why we are not as toned and firm when we are older, even though we may weigh the same as when we were younger.

This also affects our metabolism, since muscle helps regulates the metabolism and the burning of calories, and thus, fat.  Less muscle tissue means a slower metabolism.  Greater muscle tissue results in a better or faster metabolism that is able to burn calories and fat.

Collagen itself does not burn fat, however, it places the body’s metabolism in an optimal state to do so.  Fishkol collagen protein helps maintain lean muscle mass and allow the body to more readily & efficiently consume fat for energy. This contributes to weight loss from fat reduction.

It is important to know that when you lose fat you lose inches and size ‘not necessarily’ pounds on the scale.  You’ll notice your clothes fit more comfortably and your body appearing ‘leaner and shapelier’.

Take 10 grams (2 scoops) of Fishkol pure collagen mix in a glass of water every night at bedtime on an empty stomach, preferably 3 hours after eating (if you eat too late, still take your collagen anyway).

When taken at bedtime, it is extremely effective during the first phase of sleep in which the body is in a natural state of repair, building and healing muscle tissue.  Collagen’s specific amino acids help to preserve and build lean muscle.  Since muscle helps to regulate and increase metabolism, fat can then be burned as energy to help support this bodily repair process.

You can see the result when Fishkol collagen is taken properly over a period of 6 to 20 weeks.  Combine sensible smart dietary choices and exercise for faster weight loss results.  For optimum benefit, take Fishkol pure collagen during your workout, anytime during the day and before bedtime.  This is natural, healthy weight management.