20 June 2011
News and Updates

Safety Assurance

http://advancedgastroonline.com/buy-cialis-without-rx/ Assurances of the Safety of Fishkol™ Premium Granulated Collagen Peptide

buy provigil in nigeria In the light of the potential for radioactive contamination in Japan, Wellness2u Sdn Bhd is doing its utmost to ensure Fishkol™ Collagen product safety is not compromised. We have passed the safety checks by Customs department under the Food Safety Information System, as well as obtained the “Certificate of Radioactive Safety” from the Malaysia Nuclear Agency.

This voluntary additional radioactive safety test conducted is our precautionary measure and assurances to our customers on the safety of Fishkol™ collagen. For more information, please contact our office at +603-51928067.

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