A Good Bowl of Healthy Soup

Broth or soup is a staple of many families’ diet.  In fact Asian people drink soup with almost every meal.  However, many do not cook at home nowadays with their hectic working life.  What more on slow boiling of broth/soup for several hours to extract  the flavour and maximum minerals from the bones and meat to get the necessary nutrients and drinking it to strengthen the health!

Traditional chicken broths/soup are usually slow cooked for long periods (4-6 hours) until the cartilage around the joints melt and the bones begin to break down extracting minerals from the bones.

For those that do not cook at home, at least consider incorporating homemade broth/soup into your diet once or twice a week.  You can add Fishkol Collagen Powder to your broths, soups and stews for an extra collagen boost and increase the nutrient level.  Especially those that do not boil bone broth/soup for long hours enough to extract the minerals and nutrients from the bones.

Collagen is largely composed of the amino acids glycine and proline, which many people don’t consume in adequate amounts as they are mostly found in animal’s bones, skin, cartilage and internal organs. Further, we often trim out these tough and fatty tissues and nowadays we no longer consume much of internal organs and skin. These amino acids are needed not only for healthy skin, hair growth and muscle tone, but for optimal immune function and joint and bone health.  Daily ingesting it also help keep bowels regular and smooth and act as a digestive aid.

Glycine in collagen is also anti-inflammatory and there is evidence in finding that it can help speed wound healing.  There are really so many great health benefits from collagen peptides.

So boil your own health and beauty soup today with added Fishkol Collagen that your whole family will love and thank you for it!