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In today’s modern world, age-therapy and collagen go hand in hand. There are well over 1,000 commercial products on the market today that contain collagen and collagen enhancers. These products are represented by body and hand lotions, firming gels, wrinkle injections, eye pads, and even nail treatments to name but a few.

So, you might ask, what is collagen? Collagen is a natural human structural substance that makes up nearly 25-35% of natural protein that can be used to benefit skin care, improve metabolism, and a variety of other body functions. It is highly concentrated in the connective tissues and joints, found in cartilage, bone, and blood vessels. Recent studies also show that collagen has a strong link to general eye health in the corneas and arthritis inflicted joints.

Collagen is most commonly used today to improve skin’s natural healthy appearance and for joint and bone health. When wounded, the body naturally produces pure collagen to mend destroyed tissue and repair function while simultaneously re-hydrating skin and muscles to restore use of the limb.

Based on research and studies, metabolism of collagen in our body starts to slow down and the content or quality also starts reducing, beginning at age 25 averagely resulting in sagging skin, decreased energy, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Medical masterminds all over the world have found that the reintroduction of collagen through collagen supplements drastically improves the body’s maintenance to slow down the effects of aging. When making the choice about the best collagen supplement for you, make sure to consider all options available in the market so that you have access to the one that best fits your daily lifestyle.

If you are looking for the best in natural, raw, pure collagen product, look no further. With Fishkol collagen, you are guaranteed the best in hydrolyzed fish collagen, professionally manufactured in Japan to promote the metabolism of collagen in your body when age begins to take its toll.

Fishkol collagen is 100% pure collagen without mixing with any vitamins or substitutes. Hence, Fishkol efficacy is extremely high compared to other general collagen supplements in the market. It also has an added step in its manufacturing process in which the collagen peptide is granulated to its fine-grained granule form giving it its “instant dispersal” property with low molecular weight for rapid absorption by our body.

Fishkol fish collagen is safely harvested in one of its rawest forms. There is little to no risk of any allergic reactions whatsoever and, due to its advanced formula and purified protein makeup, the human body responds just as naturally to it as your own self-produced collagen.

Fishkol collagen is manufactured in Japan using the latest and advanced collagen based research and technologies of the last century to provide you with the safest and more effective option in collaged supplement products. It uses food grade quality raw material, Red Snapper fish scales. Many companies offer collagen mixes combined with filler chemicals, color additives and high sugar content. Fishkol collagen are 100% pure collagen with NO additives or fillers, sugar, gluten, flavoring or fats. Just pure collagen!

For strength, health, youth, and beauty, make Fishkol a habit. Your safety and well being with Fishkol collagen is guaranteed, and, once you try it, you will be just as convinced that Fishkol collagen is for you.

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