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Everyone Wants A Quick Fix

In today’s society everyone wants a quick fix to solve all their problems. For instance we have quick fixes for bad skin and to slim down various areas of the body, fast food for hunger and get-rich-quick schemes. We have fast, real views for online videos. A quick fix especially when it comes to back […]

Achieving Beautiful Skin

Why do people get collagen injections? In today’s modern world, age-therapy and collagen go hand in hand.  For some, “collagen injections” are a solution to keeping skin smoother and firmer, lessens the appearance of wrinkles, removing acne scars and other imperfections on the skin. It is considered to be less expensive and less invasive than performing a […]

The Many Uses Of Fishkol Pure Collagen

Other than the many various health benefits to collagen, we are continually amazed at the uses we keep finding for Fishkol Pure Collagen Powder in some form or other – “pure matters, for skin, nails and hair!” Collagen has become a staple in the skincare industry to prevent aging with its powerful plumping properties. The naturally-occurring […]

Eating Fish Scales As Food Therapy

For some time now we have heard of people getting from their local wet market fishmongers or fishery cold storage fish scales for making into some kind of health dessert, ‘fish scale jelly’ and ‘fish scale dessert soup’.  They found out that fish scales made a perfect ingredient in food therapy which had therapeutic effects […]

Fishkol Pure Collagen Contributes To Weight Loss & Weight Management

Fishkol pure collagen can be used as a healthy long-term remedy and sensible way to lose weight and / or maintain a desirable weight. As we age, our bodies tend to lose their muscle tissue and gain more fat.  This is why we are not as toned and firm when we are older, even though […]

Which One Would You Choose? Bird Nest? Fish Maw? Or Collagen Supplement?

Whether it is bird nest, fish maw (Cantonese referred to as ‘fa kau’) or collagen supplement, “it is all about collagen”.  We are eating for health as bird nest and fish maw are excellent source of collagen which are very much into beneficial for overall well-being, ageing well and capable of preserving radiant complexion.  For generations, […]

Fishkol Natural Flavored Collagen Water

Modern consumers prefer ‘taste to nutrition’, but if you are trying to stay fit, water with NO ARTIFICIAL CHEMICALS, NO FOOD COLORINGS and NO SUGAR is the better choice.  Choose health and fitness over taste!  Even if we know why we should drink water, it’s not a habit that many people form. Hence, the idea of mixing […]

Malaysia Healthy Life Exhibition (20-22 Sept 2013)

We are at MVEC Hall 2, Booth No. 2C04. Come and join us at Healthy Life Exhibition – “Healthy Life, Healthier You”!  You can learn more about Fishkol Collagen and taste it right there. Living life the healthier way, staying physically and mentally fit, as well as looking good are becoming the new pursuit of life […]