The effects of aging differ from person to person, and are manifested in various parts of the body. These include the lower back, shoulders, joints, tendons, bones and skin.  A variety of changes take place when the processes that metabolize collagen in the respective parts of the body slow down. Scientists think that the metabolism of body parts can be rejuvenated by giving the body collagen. Reports have been submitted that state giving the hip and lower back bones collagen is effective for people that have lower back pain, and that it has made the blood vessels stronger in people that have hardening of the arteries or other such ailments.

Collagen for Joint Pain

Research into the use of collagen in the treatment of arthritis and other joint health issues has consistently shown that hydrolyzed fish collagen lessens joint pain.

Clinical studies conducted in Europe over the past decade, suggest orally administered Hydrolyzed Collagen preparations improve systems associated with joint damage and/or inflammation. Hydrolyzed Collagen studies which involved patients receiving collagen therapy reported improvements with respect to pain intensity. Greater than 90% of the patients reported a “good” or “very good” response with respect to pain and need for medication

Scientists agree that further study is needed, but arthritis researchers have said that the safety of fish collagen supplements makes them an important possibility for long-term treatment. Joint pain sufferers can try Fishkol with confidence.

There is a cartilage cover in front of the spot where bones connect with each other at the joint. 70~80% of the cartilage content is water molecules while 50% of the remaining substance is collagen. The collagen supports the shape of the cartilage.

Once the aged collagen loses elasticity, the cartilage will turn thin and soft, and can become frayed, injured, torn and even wear away entirely. This damaged cartilage can look watery. At the same time, loss of collagen causes the aging and hardening of joint ligaments. This leads to bone friction where the bone surface on one side of the joint tends to rub against the bone on the opposite side of the joint, providing a less elastic joint surface, and generating higher contact pressures at the end of the bone. These two factors together gradually create distortion that causes all kinds of joint disease (refer to Figure 10).

The Makino Publishing Company “Health Research Team” has conducted surveys, and reported people find the product highly effective.

Various other research institutes around the world have published reports on the effectiveness of collagen.

Collagen for Bone Strength

Medical studies have shown that hydrolyzed fish collagen encourages bone growth. A recent study by French biologists and rheumatologists found that hydrolyzed collagen significantly increased bone growth and bone density.

For older adults, especially women after menopause, lessened bone density can lead to easily broken bones. Falls are common among older adults, and a lack of exercise can contribute to balance problems which lead to more falls. Older people who have fallen and broken a bone often hesitate to take walks or other healthy physical activity, and a vicious cycle leads to increasing weakness. Collagen supplements can help break this cycle and let older adults maintain their health and independence.

A good test of our collagen levels is a simple bone density test as reduced collagen levels will reduce your bone density. Numerous experimental and clinical studies have demonstrated that a total daily dose of 10 grams of collagen peptide for 4 to 24 weeks significantly improves bone mass density.

For joint and bone health, make Fishkol a habit.

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