Collagen For Pets


Most animals suffer arthritic complaints at some stage in their lives. This tends to be degenerative joint disease in most cases, and unfortunately, the modern lifestyle has made arthritis almost inevitable for big dogs such as Labradors and German Shepherds as they reach middle to old age. Generally, it is a combination of lack of adequate physical exercise, coupled with too much food, which leads to degenerative joint disease in dogs.

It is speculated that factors such as restricted movement or lack of incentive for extensive movement is what contributes to arthritis in both zoo animals and some farm animals. Domestic cats also suffer from this disorder but, probably because they tend to remain relatively agile in old age compared to the other species mentioned, the incidence in cats is lower.

Collagen is considered a family of proteins and many amino acids are required in animals and human.  For animals/pets such as dog, cats, horses, etc, collagen has healing effects that help to reduce muscular pain, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, hernia, spondylitis, and helps broken bones to regenerate (fractures), etc.  It stimulates reductions in joint pain, tenderness and swelling.

Benefits of collagen are not limited to owners of dogs and cats only.  Horses may often suffer from arthritis and pain in the joints and tendons, and could be afflicted by muscle problems.  Collagen supplement is the main ingredient needed to rebuild joint cartilage.  It is also shown to increase bone density and improve joints functions for horses. When racehorses were given collagen for two months (approximately 10g per day) in order to treat and prevent tendinitis (inflammation of a tendon that result in pain, stiffness and sometimes swelling), it was found that the thickness of its collagen fibers increased.


  • licking or self injury
  • reluctance to walk or play
  • difficulty in getting up from a sitting position
  • difficulty climbing stairs
  • difficulty jumping into car or chair
  • limping or stiffness
  • change in character or aggression
  • reduced interaction with people
  • reduced appetitive
  • increase in anxiety/clinginess etc.

Animals are like humans, their bodies lose the capacity to make enough collagen as they grow older. When this happens, the result is loss of energy, loss of tissues strength and integrity which leads to many health problems.

Fishkol collagen can be given daily to pets as “health maintenance” to protect the bones, improve joint function & prevent from future disease. Collagen is a supplement of great nutritional contribution to avoid protein deficiencies for your pet. Collagen has many healing effects in animals.  It is beneficial for your pet dog and cats.

Sprinkle Fishkol Premium Collagen powder on your pet’s food or water to increase its quality of life and protect them from future disease.  The dosage should be based on the weight of the animal.