Comparison Of Different Collagen Peptides Makers

Not all collagen peptides are created equal.  Below is the comparison of Fishkol™ Premium Pure Collagen with different collagen available in the market from different countries.  As can be seen the purity of Fishkol collagen is much higher in terms of clarity, color and transmittance when dissolve in water as compared to other collagen in the market.  It has almost neutral taste and odorless.

The clarity, color, transmittance, smell and concentration of each collagen peptides depends on the raw materials e.g. pig, cow or marine; the manufacturing process; and treatment used.  For example, raw material such as pig skin contains more fats than other raw materials such as bovine (cow) and fish, and to get a clear collagen extraction from pig skin is more difficult than others.

Further, it is also depends on the collagen maker’s manufacturing techniques and process.  Fishkol collagen is a culmination of 50 years of research and development.  It is manufactured in Japan with leading advanced collagen based research and technology.

Fishkol premium pure collagen is a 100% NATURAL and CLEAN LABEL INGREDIENT, i.e. sugar-, fat-, coloring-, chemical-, gluten-, additives- and preservatives-free for optimum bioactivity level.

In order to choose the better collagen supplement, consider the collagen manufacturing process, the origin of the raw material, product purity and the real content of collagen in the product.