Controlling Your Hunger & Weight By Eating Protein At Breakfast Time

Have a serving of collagen at breakfast time, between meals or snack!  See for yourself how eating a high protein breakfast with at least one or two eggs mix with Fishkol pure collagen can prevent hunger as it provides a feeling of fullness, has a fat burning effect on metabolism and lose weight over time.  It is known as a complete or “high quality” protein, as it gives you all of the essential amino acids your body requires for muscle growth and repair.  Ideal nutritional support for diet and fitness!

One egg contains six grams of protein, so including a whole egg in your morning meal is a great way to feel satiated and stabilize your blood sugar levels. This can reduce hunger cravings throughout the day and enhance weight loss when combined with a low calorie diet, according to a 2008 study of 152 men and women aged 25-60 published in the International Journal of Obesity.