Eating Fish Scales As Food Therapy

For some time now we have heard of people getting from their local wet market fishmongers or fishery cold storage fish scales for making into some kind of health dessert, ‘fish scale jelly’ and ‘fish scale dessert soup’.  They found out that fish scales made a perfect ingredient in food therapy which had therapeutic effects in particular for osteoporosis, bone fracture in older people and joint problems. The best way to consume healthy, rich sea food, including fishes, is directly on the coast, when it arrives fresh. Many recommend Thai food as very healthy, so find flight tickets, book a gorgeous Koh Samui villa from your home and prepare yourself for relaxing vacation with therapeutic effect.

Fish Scale Therapy

Many people especially the elders are keen to give it a try knowing this.  It was reported that this enthusiasm started in Jawi, Penang which boasts the biggest marine agriculture industry in northern Malaysia.  Residents in this tiny fishing village have been treating the fishy scrap as a valuable commodity that can be made into ‘useful healthy healing jelly and dessert soup’ for consumption.  Now this food therapy has spread to other places in the country.

Making Fish Scale Jelly & Fish Scale Desert Soup

Fish scales had to be thoroughly washed to remove the foul-smelling fishy stench before cooking them in a pot of hot water.  The ratio of fish scales to water should be one to three.  Add in some pandan leaves to further remove the fishy smell and rock sugars to taste.  Then continue to cook for three to four hours until the scales melt into a thick gel.  It is optional to add in some red dates and wolfberries to enhance the taste and for better nutrition.  Red dates and wolfberries are said to be good antioxidants and improve blood circulation.

Remove the pandan leaves and you can serve warm as dessert soup or pour into small jelly containers to set into jelly form.  Let it cool to set in refrigerator.  The chewy fish scale jelly tastes just like any jelly after pandan leaves and rock sugar have been added.  Or if preferred you can add orange syrup as topping on the fish scale jelly to taste.

Why Fish Scale?

Nutritional studies and scientific research show that fish scales are rich in a host of nutrients especially collagen (the essential bodily protein which is good for the entire human body and its structure functions) which plays many roles in maintaining good health.  Fish scales are used as raw material for the biotechnology industry to produce into marine collagen, which is well known like skin health, joint and bone health, fitness and healthy aging collagen powder, capsules and collagen drinks.

Did You Know?

Collagen in the fish scales need to be extracted first through hydrolyzed process before they can be absorbed by the human body.

The collagen molecular weight from fish scale without hydrolyzed process is too large and most will just pass through the body without ever having been used.  As a result most of the collagen in this form is excreted unused from the body.

Hence, drinking collagen-rich soup or eating fish scale jelly may not be easily absorbed into the human body and if it did, the absorption is very limited.  Thus, although daily consumption may help the process of benefit is relatively lengthy and the efficiency is low.

Hydrolyzed process results in significantly reducing the molecular weight of the collagen which eases the digestion and absorption of amino acids by the intestine faster directly into the bloodstream, and are used as the building blocks of new collagen by the body.  This provides the maximum bioavailability, and the best possible results.

The Easier and Effective Way

Fishkol™ Premium Pure Collagen is made from red snapper fish scales manufactured in Japan with leading advanced research and technology.  It is 100% natural pure hydrolyzed collagen with low molecular weight for rapid absorption by our body for maximum effectiveness.  Fishkol™ collagen efficacy is extremely high.  Moreover, compared to collagen that obtains from traditional cooking method which has high molecular weight, Fishkol™ collagen powder does not require preparation and cooking.  It can be mixed conveniently daily in drinks during working or travelling to safeguard against the stresses of modern life and the effects of aging.