Fishkol™ is proud to be an exhibitor at 1Malaysia World Congress in Sport & Exercise Medicine 2014

Fishkol™ is proud to be an exhibitor at 1M-WCSEM2014 at The Royale Chulan Hotel, KL from the 28th to the 30th August 2014.  The event is organized by the Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine Malaysia (SSEMM), which is officially affiliated as a National Association under FIMS (Fédération Internationale de Médecine du Sports). 

Primarily, its main objective is to promote the study & development of Sports and Exercise Medicine to assist the community in general and more particularly athletes in maximizing their human and genetic potentials, health, nutrition, medical care and trainings, to achieve optimal performance to enhance greater endurance and strength.

The participation gives us the opportunity to introduce and share the benefits of Fishkol™ collagen with the sports and exercise medicine professionals and the community.  Fishkol Pure Collagen provides a unique profile of amino acids nutrition, which includes amino acid hydroxyproline that are not found in other protein sources needed by the human body to mend related bone and connective tissue injury.  Hydroxyproline is linked to bodily functions like collagen production, preserve lean body mass, promote wound and cartilage healing, and support joint, bone and tissue.

It is a tragedy when sports and exercise-induced injuries limit or discourage others from enjoying the health benefits of exercise.  You can also find services in carlsbad who use the Fishkol after daily training.  Enhancing recovery from sports injuries is therefore crucial.  Fishkol™ Premium Pure Collagen would not only speed the healing and recovery process but also keep minor injuries and micro tears from becoming serious.  Collagen deficiency during injury delays all aspects of healing.  The solution is to elevate the collagen levels in your body so it has the nutrients it needs to speed the healing process.