Fishkol Natural Flavored Collagen Water

Modern consumers prefer ‘taste to nutrition’, but if you are trying to stay fit, water with NO ARTIFICIAL CHEMICALS, NO FOOD COLORINGS and NO SUGAR is the better choice.  Choose health and fitness over taste!  Even if we know why we should drink water, it’s not a habit that many people form.

Hence, the idea of mixing Fishkol collagen in a glass of water, ‘FISHKOL COLLAGEN WATER’ is not quite appealing to some people.  Eventhough you can stay hydrated with this drink of water to complete your collagen supplement for your body.

Many people have a hard time drinking enough water every day, and if you are someone that gets bored with water and needs to spice up your water or crave flavor in your water, then the best idea is to flavor your water with natural fruits.  These are not sweet waters, but with subtle fruit flavors infused in it.  FISHKOL NATURAL FLAVORED COLLAGEN WATER with just a touch of flavor (little or no sweetness) with fruit scent and most importantly, this is all natural.  They are so refreshing thirst-quencher that packed with collagen to give you the boost you need to stay vibrant, fit and look radiant every day.  This is ‘healthy water’.

Here is how you can make your own Natural Flavored Fishkol Collagen Water.  You can also easily get many other recipes on natural flavored water from the internet or Pinterest.  You just need to add on your Fishkol collagen to it.

Fishkol Collagen Water Healthy Fruit Infusion

Fruit (You can variant if you do not have all these fruits or like to replace any of them):-

@  1 Apple

@  1 Lemon

@  1 Orange

@  1 Pear

@  4 Strawberries

@  2 Litre of Water

@  4 scoops of Fishkol Pure Collagen

First pour 2 litre of water in a large pitcher and mix 4 scoops of Fishkol pure collagen into it.  Stir well and let it sit for 3 minutes until the water is completely cleared.  Cut all fruits into large slices or thin wedges.  Place them in the pitcher with the collagen water. Leave it in the fridge for 2 hours till cold and to let all the flavors marinade.  This way you will get the most flavor.  Delicious, Refreshing and Healthy!

This can be your transition away from soda, soft drink, or other chemical water instead drink more water throughout the day.  FISHKOL NATURAL FLAVORED COLLAGEN WATER hydrates and nourishes your active body with a splash of fruit flavor and collagen supplement.