Is Collagen For Men Too? How Fishkol Collagen Can Benefit Men?

Many men have the perception that collagen is meant for women. This is because in the market collagen is mostly marketed for skin health and its beauty benefits.

In fact any man or woman can reap the health benefits of collagen peptides.  Fishkol Premium Pure Collagen is a high quality protein for a healthy balanced diet and fitness in Sports Nutrition, Weight Management or Elder Nutrition.

It is particularly good for active man or woman especially athletes, since it improves muscle tone and strength.  As one of the major types of protein in the body, collagen is essential for strength and fitness.  Fishkol collagen contains amino acids and protein content that increase energy and physical endurance for individuals or athletes.  Regular Fishkol collagen use reduces muscle exhaustion, soreness and pain after a workout and improves the speed of healing after injuries.   

Fishkol Premium Pure Collagen can be used blended or not with other proteins and added to meals to increase the protein content.  It can help the body to metabolize fat and the production of lean body mass in both sports and body-building.  Collagen is the main building block of muscles, tendons, joints and cartilage.

Collagen protein is much different from other protein sources.  It contains a unique combination and ration of high-nitrogen amino acids (protein), most importantly, glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine.

Take Fishkol Premium Pure Collagen before a workout to provide your body with the needed amino acids for proper muscle function and recovery.  It is also highly effective for sports injury healing.