FTC-W150 – Fishkol Premium Plus Tri-Peptide Collagen


100% pure fish collagen. All Natural.  NO additives, sugar, flavoring, vitamins or substitutes. It is an advanced material to bring you this next-level natural joint and skin health solution.
Fishkol Premium Plus™ is designed to work alongside Fishkol® Collagen for BETTER, FASTER, MORE NOTICEABLE RESULTS.
This combined dosage is especially effective at preventive and improving the symptoms of joint and bone disorders, arteriosclerosis and photo-aging caused by ultraviolet rays for people with advanced and severe cases.
“Add Fishkol Premium Plus™ Tri-Peptide Collagen For Faster Results, Especially For Advanced and Severe Joint  Problems”
Because we understand how extremely hard it is to deal with joint pain, we are introducing Fishkol Premium PlusTM Tri-Peptide Collagen to ACCELERATE results.