Therapeutic Effects

If you are taking Fishkol Premium Collagen specifically for serious joint, tendon or certain health problems or if you are an athlete or someone who does a lot of physical work or exercise, we recommend that you take 20g / 4 scoops per day.  In this case you would take 2 scoops in the morning and another 2 scoops in the evening.  After 4 weeks, you may cut back on taking Fishkol collagen to 10g / 2 scoops per day as a maintenance dose, as you see fit.

IN A FEW CASES, there has been a temporary worsening of symptoms, e.g. pain at some parts of the body with ailments shortly after ingesting Fishkol collagen.  The effects will be shown at the painful parts of the body.  This condition has only lasted for a few days, and has almost always preceded excellent results. 

If you are taking Fishkol collagen as a general part of your daily health maintenance regimen as a means of staying healthy, then 10g / 2 scoops daily dose will dramatically replenish your natural collagen levels, leading to a number of welcome physical benefits.

By supporting your collagen with Fishkol Premium Collagen, you are taking steps to ensure that you maintain pliable veins and arteries, soft supple skin, strong bones and flexible joints that help provide a wide range of movements by properly doing fitness exercises in gympalmdesert with the help of certified trainers.

In any case, when it comes to health and beauty, CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY!  Make sure you TAKE FISHKOL COLLAGEN EACH DAY.