Which One Would You Choose? Bird Nest? Fish Maw? Or Collagen Supplement?

Whether it is bird nest, fish maw (Cantonese referred to as ‘fa kau’) or collagen supplement, “it is all about collagen”.  We are eating for health as bird nest and fish maw are excellent source of collagen which are very much into beneficial for overall well-being, ageing well and capable of preserving radiant complexion.  For generations, Chinese believes in taking bird nest and fish maw for collagen renewal.

But at the same time, these collagen-rich foods, bird nest, fish maw, sea cucumber, shark’s fin are all extremely expensive and tedious to prepare.  It is not practical to consume these daily.  There are also the worries of fakes and the inability to distinguish the genuine ones, not to mention those chemically bleached or dyed with colour.

It is difficult to consume enough of these foods to equal the amount of collagen supplied by pure collagen supplement.  Ingesting collagen supplement is an equally good substitute for collagen renewal.  In general, fish maw has about 25% collagen and 75% carbohydrate.  Bird nest has about 49.9% collagen, 30.6% carbohydrate, 4.9% iron, with other elements made up of its balance. Whereas pure collagen supplement has 98% collagen.

Pure collagen supplement such as Fishkol collagen is 100% natural, highly effective and has low molecular weight enables easy digestion and high absorption in our body for optimum bioactivity level.  The human body responds just as naturally to it as your own self-produced collagen.  Moreover, compare to bird nest and fish maw, it does not require preparation and cooking.

At the end of the day whether you choose bird nest, fish maw or collagen supplement, living a healthy life and ageing well seem to be our main aim in life.  Health definitely is wealth to any Chinese.

The above three choices are good nourishment for upkeep of health.  However on top of that we still need to eat well, exercise and have enough of good rest for longevity and good health.