Collagen is mostly marketed for its beauty benefits, and for its anti-aging benefits.
Does that mean it’s just for women?

Not at all! Hydrolyzed collagen is particularly good for active guys and athletes, since it improves muscle tone and strength.  Regular collagen use reduces muscle soreness and pain after a workout and improves the speed of healing after injuries.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that collagen would benefit athletes. Collagen is a major building block of muscles, tendons, joints, and cartilage. As one of the major types of protein in the body, collagen is essential for strength and fitness. Collagen contains amino acids and protein content that increase energy and physical endurance for individuals or athletes.

The body produces new collagen to replace collagen that has become damaged or broken down. When we’re young, the new collagen is produced just as fast as the old collagen breaks down. As we get older – beginning around age 25 – our bodies’ ability to replace the old collagen diminishes. The network of collagen fibers that holds our organs in place develops cross linkings and the spaces between the fibers become too large to hold in the moisture and nutrients our bodies need. At the same time, the easy flow of waste products out of the cells is impeded by abnormal structures in the network.

Our bodies just don’t work as well.

Many of the problems physically active people develop as they get older are the result of collagen breakdown. Lifestyle factors can speed up the process. For example, sun damage reduces collagen production. Satisfying hours on the trail, climbing, playing team sports, or engaging in water sports can easily add up to serious sun damage.

Hydrolyzed collagen from natural marine sources, like Fishkol, is different from other sources of collagen. Fishkol low molecular weight means that the benefits of the collagen are available to your body directly and our body responds just as naturally to it as its own self-produced collagen.

Add 10 grams of Fishkol collagen to a protein shake or to a glass of water, and you’re doing something great for your muscles and joints. If it also gives you great hair and skin – well, that’s nothing to complain about, right?

Female athletes get the same benefits! Any man or woman can reap the health benefits of Fishkol hydrolyzed collagen.

For strength, health, youth, and beauty, make Fishkol a habit.

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