Monthly Archives: October 2013

New Economic Report Finds Dietary Supplements Usage Helps Reduce Individual & Societal Health Care Costs

A common question among policymakers, public health experts, and consumers is whether health care treatment costs can be avoided if more preventive measures are adopted. A significant amount of scientific research has been conducted examining dietary supplements, and many studies demonstrate that these supplements have a positive effect on reducing the risk of a disease […]

The Many Uses Of Fishkol Pure Collagen

Other than the many various health benefits to collagen, we are continually amazed at the uses we keep finding for Fishkol Pure Collagen Powder in some form or other – “pure matters, for skin, nails and hair!” Collagen has become a staple in the skincare industry to prevent aging with its powerful plumping properties. The naturally-occurring […]

Fast Healing To Sports & Exercise Injury

Almost anyone who exercises on a regular basis will develop an ache, pain or sports injury at some time or another. Doing regular exercise and playing sport is good for your health, but can occasionally result in injuries.  The number and type of sports injuries are as varied as the individuals who play sports, but […]

Eating Fish Scales As Food Therapy

For some time now we have heard of people getting from their local wet market fishmongers or fishery cold storage fish scales for making into some kind of health dessert, ‘fish scale jelly’ and ‘fish scale dessert soup’.  They found out that fish scales made a perfect ingredient in food therapy which had therapeutic effects […]