Food As Medicine – Modern Approach To Food Science

The phase “Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food,” coined by Hippocrates over 2500 years ago is receiving a lot of interest today as food scientists and consumers realize the many health benefits of certain foods.

These foods contain ingredients that aid specific body function and improve our health and well-being.  There are many ways to think about food, in the simplest sense, food is a fuel, food provides the energy needed to perform daily functions and maintain normal metabolic processes.  But we all know food is more than fuel; food contains nutrients that are essential to prevent diseases.

The Egyptians, Chinese and Sumerians are just a few civilizations that have provided evidence suggesting that, foods can be effectively used as medicine to treat and prevent disease.  The medicinal benefits of food have been explored for thousands of years.

The modern functional foods market has begun to develop in Japan during the 1980.  In contrast to the natural herbs and spices used as folk medicine for centuries throughout Asia, the functional food industry has grown alongside the expansion and exploration of modern technology, new research conducted among medical cannabis food scientists has shown that, there is more to Food Science than what was understood just a couple decades ago.  There is an undoubted link between health and nutrition; and consumers are looking to address the former with the latter.

Functional foods are foods (as a fortified food or a dietary supplement) that provide health or medical benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value (often one related to health-promotion or disease prevention).  Functional food has been convincingly demonstrated to be beneficial for their intended purposes when consumed as part of a generally well-balanced and healthful diet.

A majority of European consumers are believers in positive nutrition, with 56% using food/drink to improve health, according to a 2014 Datamonitor Consumer Survey.  Consumers are increasingly interested in the health benefits of foods and have begun to look beyond the basic nutritional benefits of food to the disease prevention and health enhancing compounds contained in many foods.

Fishkol™ Premium Pure Collagen Powder is highly soluble and natural product whether for the use as stand-alone supplement or as a specialty ingredient to be consumed as functional food/drink to enhance health or support the recovery of sports/exercise injuries and orthopaedic rehabilitation, pushing the concept of “food as medicine”.  The reason for this is that collagen as the chief structural protein of the body is the key component in all the human body’s connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage, joints, muscle and the vascular system.  We, at, strive to contribute to the betterment of people’s life through high quality collagen.