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Malaysia Healthy Life Exhibition (20-22 Sept 2013)

We are at MVEC Hall 2, Booth No. 2C04. Come and join us at Healthy Life Exhibition – “Healthy Life, Healthier You”!  You can learn more about Fishkol Collagen and taste it right there. Living life the healthier way, staying physically and mentally fit, as well as looking good are becoming the new pursuit of life […]

A Good Bowl of Healthy Soup

Broth or soup is a staple of many families’ diet.  In fact Asian people drink soup with almost every meal.  However, many do not cook at home nowadays with their hectic working life.  What more on slow boiling of broth/soup for several hours to extract  the flavour and maximum minerals from the bones and meat […]

The Role of Collagen Peptide In Countering Negative Effects of Aging

The effects of aging differ from person to person, and are manifested in various parts of the body. These include the lower back, shoulder, skin, joints, tendons, cartilage and bones. When the processes that metabolize collagen in the respective parts of the body slow down, a variety of changes takes place. Scientists think that the […]

Is Your Computer Giving You A Pain In the Neck?

Are you suffering from the classic “computer neck syndrome”? Are your computer, laptop, smartphone and iPad giving you constant pain in the neck, shoulders, back, wrists, elbows and migraine headaches? It’s a new phenomenon that is all-too common side effect of our modern, sedentary lives (no or irregular physical activity) and an occupational hazard condition […]

Comparison Of Different Collagen Peptides Makers

Not all collagen peptides are created equal.  Below is the comparison of Fishkol™ Premium Pure Collagen with different collagen available in the market from different countries.  As can be seen the purity of Fishkol collagen is much higher in terms of clarity, color and transmittance when dissolve in water as compared to other collagen in the market.  It […]